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Church! January 7, 2011

It’s really weird how much time I spend in churches. I mean, if I was a religious person, then the time that I spend in churches would be described as “minimal” at best.

But I’ve been a atheist my entire life, but I still find myself in churches, often alone, which creeps me out a lot. I have had this fear of religious statues for a long time, mostly that they will start crying blood, which would not be okay at all.

Anyway, working with any sort of organization in this town basically guarantees that I will have to spend a lot of time in churches. I used to do a lot (a whole fucking lot) of work with The Center for Artistic Revolution and I was CONSTANTLY in that fucking church. I now I am doing stuff with Living With, Affected By and am there, by my self, for a couple of hours a week.

As far as churches go, this one isn’t really that creepy. Mostly just really cold. ALSO, IT DOES NOT HAVE ANY INTERNET. Which basically means I am getting a lot of reading done.

On a completely related note, Fried Green Tomatos is a really good book. My mother (of all people) has talked about that book for my entire life, which is weird. After reading the book, I have to wonder if she really understood most of what went on, in that book.

Cash is almost moved in! Another person in the house will be really exciting!