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Curry In a Hurry! January 6, 2012

Jeremy and I have been talking about this FOREVER (and I have the photos in my phone to prove it), but I am about to do our first restaurant review!

Curry In a Hurry is a somewhat new adorable little Indian restaurant that has opened up at 1800 Pike Ave, NLR. At first sight I was really excited, because it looks like to be a building re-purposed for a restaurant. As we all know, I love places like this, especially if they used to be gas stations. This place does not look like an old gas station, but we can’t hold that against them.

As a side note, this place is right by the Timex outlet store. I bet you didn’t know we had one of those, did you? It’s a wonderland of tacky watches, go have a look, will ya?

I am not going to pretend that I was not comparing this place to Star of India the whole time. In fact, you will see that in this very review, I directly compare it to SoI… which is easily the best in the area.

I hope you can click this to make it bigger

Curry In a Hurry has 2 tables, one out in the open and one in a tiny little room behind a curtain. We sat in the curtained room and it was like being in a little fort, a big plus! After giggling quite a bit about where we were sitting, Jeremy ordered a mango lassie and I got a water.

Jeremy enjoying the fort.

My water was just perfect! It had that amazing little ice that I love so much. Jeremy’s mango lassie didn’t have any ice, which made me want to die looking at. I don’t know why, but drinks without ice disgust me. I think it’s from all my Waffle House visits where I learned that ice helps hide things floating in your drink, so you ALWAYS get ice. ALWAYS. Anyway, Jeremy seemed to be pleased with his beverage (Jeremy is known to be an easy please, though).

After our drinks we sat around and chatted a bit and an order of colored, fried-puffed-rice-wheels appeared. They were amazing, but I certainly could have done without the color.

Yes, some are blue.

We ordered at some point. I don’t remember when, it might have been before the puffed-rice-wheels. I got an order of vegetable somosas and the aloo gobi. Jeremy got the moong vada and vegetable curry.

Our pre-meal snack that starts with an A and that I could never even attempt to spell came!


Moong vada

Here is where it gets fun! These two things completely fucking blew Star of India out of the water. The samosas were coated in this cumin, salt and something zesty powder that I was sure to lick off the plate. The wrapper has a very satisfying crunch and the filling actually had flavor (You hear that SoI? FLAVOR INSIDE. That’s where the flavor goes.). The moong vada had the same powder on it and was also satisfyingly crunchy. After I ate a few, I realized that these are essentially hush puppy batter with some veggies inside of it, which is totally fine with me. Please get these. The dipping sauce was also good (probably came from a bottle) and was sweeter than regular BBQ sauce.

So far, all has been well! Maybe this place will be a winner!

Main meal (word starts with an e, but I won’t try to spell it)

Garlic naan

Our food came! First, lets discuss the garlic naan. I have never had garlic naan that actually had much of a garlic flavor to it (usually its just like, a garlic smell.), but this naan was amazingly garlicky. It was slightly doughie, which I enjoy, but I know Jeremy likes things to be crunchy, so I am not sure how he feels. The garlic naan stomped Star of India’s by far.

But then we ate the food. I mean, it wasn’t… bad, really. But maybe to understand my dissappointment, you should understand my love for Star of India.

Star of India is the kind of food where if my to-go box flew out the window on the freeway, I would stop the car, get out in moving traffic and lick the food off the pavement. Death would be okay, because my last meal would have been Star of India. I would do a whole, whole lot of bad things for a card that let me eat at Star of India for free for a year.

Anyway, Curry In a Hurry’s main meal could not touch Star of India, at all. I wanted it to have a lot more sauce and more… Indian flavor. I mean, CIaH was okay, but certainly something that I would not get out in moving traffic for. In fact, if I got as far as my car and left my to-go box, it probably would not be worth my energy to go back in and get it. Maybe their meaty things are better. Maybe the meaty things have lots of amazing Indian juices to soak the rice and make the experience memorable. But, it did not.

So let’s recap. Curry In a Hurry is pretty good. Actually, everything but the main meal was amazing. I would recommend getting pre-meal snacks at Curry In a Hurry and then driving over to Star of India for the main meal. It should only take you about 15 minutes to make the trip, but you can decide.

I assume we will go back to Curry In a Hurry. We need to take The Sarita’s, they would like it a lot I think. Especially the funny room.