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Phone Drama, AKA T-mobile is terrible September 5, 2012

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Some of you may know this, but I am really into trying lots of different phone options (apparently). In the past I had dabbled in various phones and plans, but for the past year I had been with Sprint. I was super happy with it, except that I was paying nearly $80/mo, even with my work discount. I had done prepaid before and knew of its wonders, but for some reason signed a Sprint contract anyway… still not sure why. 

Another thing you may know about me, is that I just like to do things once I get the idea in my head. One day I decided I wanted to switch back over to a pre-paid world… so I did. But where to go and what phone to get?

After a lot of research, I decided on the Google Galaxy Nexus on the ‘secret’ T-mobile 100 minutes and 5GB of 4G data a month. From day 1, I had a bunch of problems with T-mobile, which is why I am in the process of running away from them very, very quickly. 

We only have one T-mobile store in the area and it is an authorized dealer, which should have thrown up red  flags. I went to this store (never, ever go there.) and bought what I thought I needed to get my phone working on T-mobile (I had purchased a phone straight from Google). I ended up paying $35+ for this SIM card (they are $.99 from T-mobile), but I wanted it THAT DAY because I wanted to start using my phone THAT DAY, so it was worth it. Turns out, the owner of the store did not sell me what I needed and I ended up buying 2 SIM cards from T-mobile and had them shipped to me. Although I was assured from various reps from T-mobile that I should be able to get a refund for the $35+ SIM card from this store, the owner refused and said that wasn’t T-mobile policy. I tried to go up the chain of command at T-mobile to see what the official policy was, from someone official, but have had no luck. I am in the process of a charge back for that $35+, wish me luck!

Okay, so I got my phone working and the coverage is okay and the 4G is actually super fast and nice! I was told it could take up to 48 hours to port my number from Sprint to E-mobile, but it ended up taking MORE THAN A WEEK. That means I was carrying around 2 phones, my new phone with a temp number and my old phone with my real number. I had to carry them both around, because I had no idea when the number would port. After many hours on the phone with customer support (and being told things ranging from ‘it will port in 36 hours’ to ‘we have no idea how long it will take’), my number finally ported. FINALLY. 

Then, T-mobile would not text me the temp password I need to log into the ‘my t-mobile’ section of the site. After another several hours on the phone and chat with tech support, this issue is still not resolved and I am still waiting to be able to complete basic tasks, such as seeing how many minutes I have left, adding more money to my account, etc. 

Enough is enough and I am moving back to Straight Talk (who I was using before Sprint), using one of their unlocked SIM cards in my Galaxy Nexus. I am just so sick and tired of T-mobile and their terrible, terrible customer/tech support. I wish I could recommend T-mobile to you, as their 4G data is really fast and amazing, but I can’t.

In additional news, not related to T-mobile, I am having to send off my new phone to repair a known issue with the phone not charging. That’s going to take 1.5+ weeks. Sigh, I just want to have a phone that work. Samsung, this is a known issue, why am I having to deal with this on a phone that is more than a year old?


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