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Lemongrass Asian Bistro September 1, 2012

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Bear (Jeremy!), Asa and I (Penelope!) went to Lemongrass Asian Bistro tonight. If you wern’t looking for it, you probably would not ever see this place, but its on 4629 E. McCain Blvd, out past that walmart. They also have a Blue Coast Burrito next door which I am super excited about…. maybe that will be our next update in a year.

Also, let me say that it’s been so long since I have updated TaTB! Sorry

Anyway, we went to Lemongrass Asian Bistro and it was a nice experience. The L in lemongrass was actually a lemongrass, that’s cute! ImageThe outside of the place is very new and stripmall feeling. I mean, it is new and is in a stripmall, so that probably has something to do with it. The first thing I noticed when sitting down was that they have real flowers/plants at the table!

ImageJeremy can be seen here posing with the beautiful foliage. It would have been nice if the plants at the table were lemongrass, or… kaffir lime leaves, or something. But this will do.

The menu seemed to have a bunch of things to offer, although was lacking in a specifically vegetarian section, which is something I expect at a place like this. You can get a lot of things tofued here, so I didn’t have any problems. Between the three of us (one vegan, one avoiding carbs and one avoiding nuts (and other things!), we all found something tasty.

ImageJeremy ordered the papaya salad and I got summer rolls. Jeremy says the salad was amazing and kept saying something about the 3 shrimp on top not contaminating the entire thing. I believed him and took a tiny bite and it just tasted like shrimp, which I believe is why it tasted good. I think Asa agreed? ImageI got the red curry with tofu. The waitress was maybe not having the best night and seemed to be a little bit out of it and my food got spilled on the way to the table. I didn’t care, but of course it made the picture look terrible. Overall the red curry was good, but didn’t come close to Saigon over in West Little Rock. The curry suspiciously to the exact red curry paste you can buy at Sams Oriental. I mean, I love that curry paste… but I can also make it at home. I also have to question the choice to put zucchini in this dish. Let’s be real here, has zucchini ever helped anything? Can we stop putting it into things casually, please?


Asa’s Spicy Basil certainly looks more interesting than my food did. I had a bite of the tofu and it had a very basily flavor that I usually don’t get at other places. Asa says “The basil sauce was tasty and all, but if i’m gonna get in a car and drive a ways to eat vietnamese food, i’m going to go to Saigon.” Asa and I both made the comment that we wanted to be able to take left overs home, but the portions were not nearly big enough for that… like they are at Saigon.

ImageJeremy got tiger prawns (wait, did I make up the tiger part?) and seemed to like them. I was excited, for him, about the strawberries he got to eat during his meal. I didn’t ask about those specifically, but Jeremy is a know berry prude, so I imagine he would have said something if they were subpar. I imagine his food tasted seafoody… and that’s all I know. This blog isn’t very helpful, is it?

Thats it! That was our trip to Lemongrass Asian Bistro! Overall, it was okay, but certainly no Saigon. If you are in the area, you should go! But, don’t drive the 12 minutes we did to go there specifically. I did get Nugget new food at the pet food store and he seems to like it very much, for those of you who care.


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