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Country music, and possibly music in general June 27, 2011

As anyone who has had even brief contact with me knows, I tend to go through music phases, and the most recent one has been country music. I think I just have a weakness for vocal harmony and bridges. And just to clarify, country music from before the mid/late 80’s or so is useless to me. I can’t appreciate the classics. I’m sorry, Loretta and Dolly, but most of your music is boring.

Anyway, it seems strange that I enjoy it so much. There’s almost nothing I identify with in them – I don’t have a wife or significant other to cheat on (and given my stance on monogamy…), have never owned a truck, don’t hunt or fish, I live in as close to an urban setting as one can manage in Arkansas, the concept of getting together and drinking in a field, possibly with a bonfire is foreign to me, and I find the religious views and conservatism espoused by country music absolutely ridiculous.

I think has to do with the universal appeal of optimism; it seems that regardless how depressing the lyrics, it usually ends on either a positive note, or at the very least, hopefulness. And the ones that are completely unrelateable for me, like having a tailgate party around a bonfire outside of town somewhere are at least fun. I can get into fun music.

Oh. speaking of fun music, [obligatory (clap!) Kidz Pop reference here].


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