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You know, fuck Comcast. February 15, 2011

Also, fuck the cadaver they rode in on. I’ll apologize in advance, I am normally prone to less-than-flowery language, but the combination of not having Internet and composing a post from my auto-incorrect happy phone is grating on me. That’s why we have low-traffic blogs to vent!

Anyway, last week, I signed up for cable Internet through Comcast, to replace our total failure of something approaching “Internet” we previously had through AT&T. It was installed on Monday, and by Saturday had broken. Scheduled a service call for Monday.

Guy calls Monday to let us know he’s on his way; Penny and I are not home, but Cash is! No go, the accountholder (me) has to be there. Funny, I say, because I wasn’t there when if was installed. I later find out that he is just blowing placenta out his ass, or whatever the idiom is. I called today, to have it rescheduled for after 3:30, when I’ll be home.

They came hours early, when I wasn’t home, and without calling me. Luckily, Penny was home and they fixed it. For about 6 hours. Called, again, tonight and the lady said someone would be at my house Thursday between 2 and 5. I very firmly reminded her that I have now had as much downtime as I’ve had uptime, and that someone was just here, and they would be at my house tomorrow. And not between 2 and 3:30. She agreed.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow when they show up. And who knows, all two of y’all who read this might even get a REAL blog post out of me tomorrow when I have an actual physical keyboard under my beautiful nails. I still have to tell both of you about my Valentine’s adventure.

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Edit/Update: So, the person who was supposed to come to my house today didn’t. More accurately, he was sitting in my parking lot when I got home from work, but didn’t know anything about my service call. Then he went to my neighbor’s house and left.

So, missed the 2-5 slot without a whisper, and I call Comcast back; the man tells me that the call is marked “completed”, and that he would have someone out within an hour. About 30 minutes, a woman calls (from a blocked number(?!)) saying that I requested a followup call. After relaying my story to her, she told me the case had been marked completed, and that was that. She told me that there was no chance of getting a technician out tonight; they had all gone home, and that there was nothing she could do. I asked her why she bothered calling me, she said because I requested it, and we parted ways.

SO, I of course call Comcast back. The man I spoke with this time was very good, and I didn’t have to resort to my cynical voice. You see, I always start out customer service interactions with a very pleasant, calm tone, and only change it if necessary. This man dug up the details, that there WAS someone at my house at some point (who didn’t call me, or interact with me in any way), and that the second service call had been canceled because the first technician determined there was a problem with the line and there wasn’t anything to be done until tomorrow (again, without a phone call). This meant that I spent several unproductive hours at home waiting for either a phone call from a technician or one to show up at my house. And ended the day without Internet.


But a bittersweet ending, I suppose. After a more full half-hour on the phone, he said there’d be someone out to check the line tomorrow, and  since they managed to fuck up not one, but two service calls today, he’d credit my account $20. And since I haven’t had working Internet in close to a week at this point, that he’d credit my first month’s service as well. I mean, it’s totally worth it for having spent (literally) hours on the phone with customer service at this point, right?


If you look down, you’ll see that my good buddy Mark is offering his services to me, rudimentary Internet research indicates that this is somehow for real, and Comcast has a team of social-media-scouring customer retention agents at their disposal. I wish Mark the best, and I do plan on sending him an email, but I don’t know what Comcast can do to fix this, other than laugh at me because I took off work early today to meet the technician, and then wasted an entire evening.


4 Responses to “You know, fuck Comcast.”

  1. obmitar Says:

    I hate to say it, but this is all you will ever get out of Comcast. You should read some of the horror stories that people post on, where it was voted the worst company of the year last year.

    My six years with AT&T has not been without the occasional hiccup, but at least I’ve not wanted to reach through the phone and choke its call center reps.

  2. Nick Says:

    Valentine’s deets plz.

  3. ComcastMark Says:

    Sorry for the experience. I work for Comcast and I’d like to help. When you have a moment, please contact us; provide your account info and a link to this page so that we can address your concerns.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

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