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New Piercing! February 2, 2011

Apparently, getting pierced in Little Rock is impossible, unless you want to go somewhere where mouth=autoclave and the piercers wear human flesh over their hands as gloves. (exaggerating, but the Internet is not kind to other shops in town.)

I wanted to go to 7th Street!

Imagine, for a moment, with me, that you are a piercing shop. What time would you close on a Saturday? I was waiting for Tony to get off so he could come watch, at 9:30. By the time he got home to Conway, it was 10 PM, and my puppy-dog eyes at their locked door didn’t help. That’s right, a tattoo/piercing place closed at 10 on a Saturday.

Went back Monday, a few minutes after 9. The piercer had already left for the day, but the shop guy told me he’d give me $10 off for having to come back so much. Score, I guess. So Penny and I came back last night, Tuesday, and the piercer was there! Penny watched in horror as the nice man put a needle through my dick, and then a bright, shiny ring. I have a PA once again.

First piercing I’ve had since my self-inflicted scrotal piercing back in 2007, and after not having one for so long, going back in a piercing place is kind of weird. I mean, I wasn’t terribly nervous, because it should be old hat for me, I guess, but man, has it been a while. The besdt part was that he pierced it at 12g and stretched it to 10 – this one is bleeding SO much less than the last time I got one. I think I would have freaked out if he had told me ahead of time that it was his plan, but it really didn’t hurt any more than getting pierced twice in quick succession. If any of you out there are wondering, I totally recommend that method, I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said the last time I got it pierced, I lost ounces of blood.

Fast-forward to today – I’m in the clean room, preparing IV meds for children. And my foreskin is all wrong right now. But I can’t fix it in here, I just can’t. Normally if I try and walk around with it skinned back, it’ll just go back to usual. Let’s cross our fingers and hope. ::closes eyes and wishes really hard::


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