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Stomach hurts! January 17, 2011

Everyone who lives at our house, or who had visited our house, got some stomach bug, one after the other, last week. I got off pretty easy and was only vomiting for one night, but now I have this bucket of vomit in the attic and I don’t know what to do with it. The longer I leave it, the more disgusting it seems that I have a bucket of vomit in my room.

I really wish I had dealt with it, right after I was done vomiting, it seemed much less awful then. I recently smelled the bucket of vomit and it was surprisingly odor free, which is good, but makes no sense to me. I guess kind of in the same way that sharps containers should smell disgusting, but don’t actually. I am tempted to take a picture of the bucket of vomit, but part of me thinks that people would find that disgusting.


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