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Meet the dogs! January 17, 2011

Jeremy and I have two dogs in our life now! They are so much fun!

This is Kortez, who is a greyhound, who is GIANT. He can eat stuff from off our counters, without actually jumping up at all. It’s amazing. It’s hard to pet him though, because it is impossible to ever read any of his emotions.

One thing I have actually learned though, is that greyhound are actually really, really fast. Its fun to watch him run around with Fritz.

This is Fritz! He has farts that can peel paint off walls and is constantly excited about everything. Or at least, appears to be excited. His hair is really stiff, or something, so it makes me itch where ever it touches me. But totally worth it.

Both of the dogs LOVE to cuddle, which is amazing. Whenever I am home alone and just hanging out with them, wherever I walk in the house Fritz is always in front of me and Kortez is always behind.

This is all. I just wanted you to meet them so you A) would want to come over to our house to meet them B) so you knew who I was talking about when I speak of the dogs, constantly.


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