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Total DDR Faggots January 9, 2011

I mean, okay. In theory, I understand mob mentality and I understand why you would feel safer calling someone a faggot when they aren’t looking at you, but then being too scared to call them a faggot to your face. Yes, in theory, I understand this.

But in practice, I don’t get it at all. I mean, I don’t really know what kind of clever retort I would have had if those kids had decided to actually do what I asked and call me a faggot to my face. But still, me not being able to be clever would have felt better than them just hiding behind each others backs, too scared to call me a faggot to my face. I mean yea, maybe I would have used my ‘faggot-AIDS-blood’ pokemon move on them and infected them all in one fatal swoop, but I tend to save that for special occasions.

Today I queened out on some group of teen aged boys at the arcade as we were playing Dance Dance Revolution. It felt really, really good to shout at strangers, but now I am just tired. Ugh.


6 Responses to “Total DDR Faggots”

  1. obmitar Says:

    I may get in some trouble for these comments because I’m speaking from my heart and from the experience of someone who is generally-speaking “in the closet.” Generally speaking, I try to avoid using any words that put down or in any way hurt a group of people. This includes fag, faggot, “that’s so gay,” nigger, and cunt. There are others that I’m not thinking of right now. It irritates me greatly when members of the groups that these words hurt use the words themselves.

    While I understand the cathartic aspect of yelling at the young boys who were inappropriately and stupidly using one of these put downs, did it do anything to teach them why doing so is bad, for them and for the receiver of it? Is there even a way to turn such a situation into a teachable moment?

    I generally try to avoid confrontation in these situations, so I’m not sure what I’d have done myself.

    • Penelope Poppers! Says:

      Well I am glad you shared that! But as a nelly faggot, who has not ever had the option to be ‘in the closet’, Faggot for me is a term of empowerment.

      And of course those kids learned something. They learned that yes, sometimes faggots will stand up for themselves. They also learned that when they see *this* faggot walking down the street, they will think twice about what they say. I also think that it isn’t my job to try to teach people shit that they should already know. I hardly have the energy to get out of bed in the morning, I certianly don’t have energy to sit down and try to have happy, educational moments with people. But I do have the time to say “That’s fucked up” and maybe they will think about why that’s fucked up.

      “Generally speaking, I try to avoid using any words that put down or in any way hurt a group of people. This includes fag, faggot, “that’s so gay,” nigger, and cunt.”

      This is great for you, but you also need to realize that you don’t have any control over what terms *other* people use to identify themselves.

      • obmitar Says:

        I think I’ll be learning a lot of things from your blog! I’d like to hear more of your use of the term “faggot” as a term of empowerment.

  2. Jeremy! Says:

    Did I TOTALLY miss this whole event? I mean, I was but mere feet away.

    • Penelope Poppers! Says:

      Wait, did you somehow not hear me yelling so loudly that everyone in the arcade and snack line was watching with a “this person is insane” look?

  3. Jeremy! Says:

    Nope, not a drop.

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