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Zoo smells! January 8, 2011

As a kid, my dad would always drive me by the zoo and say “Do you smell it! There are the zoo smells, we are close!” and it would always really excite me. Mmm zoo smells.

On an only somewhat unrelated note, my bed currently smells like cute boy, which is always pleasant. Except tonight I know it is just going to smell like cute boy and won’t actually have a cute boy in it, so that’s kind of sad.

Oh and on a *completely* related note, apparently their is very, very minimal sound proofing between my floor, which happens to be the ceiling of the rest of the house. I also know for a fact that their is minimal sound proofing between our floor and the neighbors ceiling. Which basically means if one person is having sex, anywhere in the house, everyone knows.

I kind of really like that.


6 Responses to “Zoo smells!”

  1. obmitar Says:

    *lack of soundproofing*

    Reminds me of the college dorm glory days. I hated my freshman/sophomore dorm because the guys were all pricks, but my goodness, they could make some sex sounds.

  2. obmitar Says:

    To protect my nom de blog, I’ve sent the answer to your question via a Facebook private message to Jeremy.

  3. chris Says:

    About soundproofing…I had a totally opposite experience. I had a room in my condo that I would bring all my partners. It was a nice romantic setting but the walls were so thin it was really difficult to let loose and be uninhibited. I decided to invest in some soundproofing and found a product called acoustiblok and did the work myself. Now I can bring home a date and bang the hell out of em and not worry about the moaning and groaning. I did remove the head board though.


  4. Jeremy! Says:

    Add to this the fact that we have hardwood floors and my bedframe has wheels, and it’s obvious that Penelope doesn’t have to guess how enthusiastically I’m having fun in my bedroom. Especially since it is directly in the middle of the house.

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