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In which I gratuitously post a video or two January 7, 2011

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People love complaining about jobs.

I’m a person.

Therefore, I love complaining about jobs.


I picked up my last paycheck from Walmart today, and had to go into the scary (not open yet) store waaaaay out on the other side of town. I know that every industry, particularly those that are customer-service oriented, has its own share of specific headaches. Retail pharmacy, I think, is a strange mélange of healthcare, which is scary and inaccessible for some people, and a plain ol’ retail job. Add to that the headache of insurance (another subject that is woefully misunderstood by the average person), and you’ll understand why I had to get out of that, at least for a while. It is still strange to me that there exist places where you are the gatekeeper to <S> thousands </s> millions of dollars worth of narcotics, poisons, and all around Heavy Shit, and yet 50 feet away, little girls’ panties are 2 for $1, and someone accidentally dropped a dozen eggs on the floor. Don’t even get me started on the concept of drive-thru in a pharmacy.


There are several other pharmacy blogs to which I subscribe (and even one to which I contribute, albeit anonymously), and although it’s fun to hear about other people in my situation bitch about their situation, it’s deeply cathartic to see cute CGI animals act out what I (used to) deal with every day of my life. Now, this may be worst-case scenario, but rest assured that I deal(t) with Every. One. Of. These. Things. on a daily basis. It’s the kind of thing that you’ll laugh at, and just assume that it’s absurd comedy.

But anyone who’s worked retail pharmacy will be crying a little bit on the inside.

As for the second video, yes, this one is actually only for funsies, but it just goes to show that you really CAN develop a drug for anything. Anything. Like the drug, dapoxetine, which still hasn’t cleared the FDA, but is out in Europe, for premature ejaculation, or finasteride for hair loss (although it carries a huge risk of erectile dysfunction)



One Response to “In which I gratuitously post a video or two”

  1. Penelope Poppers! Says:

    Really, pharmacy videos?!

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