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Naked on the internet January 6, 2011

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I have been doing this webcam-for-money thing for more than a year now, but it got really boring, so I stopped.

I mean, in theory it’s great. You get naked, men pay you to jerk off. What could be better? But, I guess I am too faggy for most people on there, so I NEVER EVER get any paid shows. I guess I am pretty bad at it, because I mostly just chat with people, I’m not all “oh yea I am so horny let me give it to you on cam” like everyone else on that site is. It is just impossible for me to pretend for hours at a time that I am actually interested.

Yes, I said hours! Last night I went an entire hour, sitting on cam, without a private show. How awful is that! I’m going to try again tonight, but I am not sure I have much hope :/


4 Responses to “Naked on the internet”

  1. Yasmin Nair Says:

    Your time will come.

  2. obmitar Says:

    “because I mostly chat with people’

    Isn’t that imitating non-webcam, non-for pay sex? A lot of the act is talking with each other. Sometimes, it is the better part of the act.

    • Penelope Poppers! Says:

      Well for some people, yes, that intimacy is nice. But some people want to “just” get off and webcams are really good for that.

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