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Sometimes, funny things happen in our house. January 5, 2011

Filed under: Jeremy Post — Jeremy! @ 1:44 am

I like to imagine that there aren’t a lot of other houses where if you knock on the bathroom door, you’ll hear “Go away! I am urinating! I am on my knees, urinating into a bucket of rotting food!”

To be fair, those buckets of rotting food deserved all the humiliation they had coming to them.

Also! Anyone use RSS feeds? It’s truly the wave of the future. And since every modern browser has the capability of taking care of those feeds for you, there’s no excuse! And then you’ll get reminders when there’s more hot TatB for you to consume.


(psst – the button is all the way at the bottom of the page!)


2 Responses to “Sometimes, funny things happen in our house.”

  1. i do! you’re in my google reader. 😉

    But post as yourselves, not a combined account; the “author” shows up as tortoiseandbear instead of penelope/jeremy…

    • Jeremy! Says:

      We did! But before, we were identifying ourselves in the “categories” field – I’ve never used wordpress, and Penelope didn’t realize that you could do such a thing.

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