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What a good Sunday! January 3, 2011

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Oh, today was Sunday!

Today was Food Not Bombs and I actually had help, which kind of made it amazing and way less stressful than it normally is. This is good!

But, also, we got all the apples we need to start making cider! Here is a picture.

This is especially exciting, because it was just yesterday that I started asking around for them. One of the many reasons I love Little Rock. I need of those shirts. Maybe.

My (our?) friend Cash is moving into my room tomorrow. I already moved my room up to the attic, which is really cute. I built a fort and am living in it now. Jeremy says that it will get old fast, but I am having a lot of fun in it. You should come see it sometime! Hopefully the novelty of it never wears off.

I guess you can not really tell how cute it is from this really terrible picture. I should not have put as much faith in Jeremys iPhone. Just imagine the palace on the clouds with waterfalls of fabulous nail polish. That is what my new room looks like.

Now it is time for bed, which is kind of a problem, because I am *still* kind of terrified of the ghosts/demons that probably (defiantly) live in our attic. I hope I get over that eventually. It should be noted that Jeremy slept on the floor next to my bed, so that the demons would be less likely to get me and would instead get him. But I suppose the day had to come eventually, when I became a big girl and did it on my own.


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